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    Hare Krishna Calendar 2017

    The 2017 Bhaktivedantor Manor calendar has done it again with a lucious full spread of Krsna Conscious pictures. Many of which are new to the calendar this year by a rather special artist Satchitananda Das. In addition to these beautiful pictures are a selection of fables by our very own Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Maharaja from his enlightening book called Upakhyane Upadesa each with their own story and moral to keep those spiritual minded individuals inspired for the each month of the coming year.

    We hope this calendar will serve as an instrument in your Krsna conscious life informing you when the auspicious days of the Lord are to be celebrated. In addition that it may act as a guide for those other auspicious days such as Ekadasi which are followed by the devout seeking special favour.

  • £3.50

    Ganga Water & 1008 Tirthas in One

    Ganga Water plus 1008 Tirthas In One.


    375 ml per bottle. High quality transparent blue plastic bottle, 100% leak proof, unbreakable, great for gifts.


    The river Ganges is glorified in all Vedic Scriptures as supremely pure and auspicious. According to the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, the water of the Ganges is sacred because it emanates from the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. The holy water is so potent that by simply by touching it, all karmic reactions of sinful activities can be nullified. The water in this bottle is from Sridham Mayapur, birthplace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Golden Avatar of Kali Yuga. A very rare collection of waters from 1008 sacred tirthas (holy places) has been added.

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    BioBliss Cowpathy – Moisturising Cream Shower Gel (Panchgavya)

    Biobliss Cowpathy Panchgavya Shower Gel does not dry the skin, has more lather than soap.   It makes one feel very refreshed.  Indulge yourself in a rare experience of luxurious foaming shower abundant in natural butter and nourishing panchagavya blended with handmade soap base.


    Directions to use: Moisten your body with water & use sufficient amount of moisturizing shower gel on pre-moist loofa and work-up lather in circular motion.


    Ingredient – 270 mg of Panchgavya, Palash flowers, shea butter, kokum butter, Neem powder, turmeric powder & Gangajal.


    Weight is 100 grams

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    Vrindavan Flower

    The sweet scents of Vrindavan Flower give you the feeling of smelling the flowers of Vrindavan which create a distinctive atmosphere.  It is a very subtle and exquisitely beautiful scent.  Vrindavan Flower incense is produced from the fragrant flowers that were common in Vrindavan when Krishna was present on the planet 5000 years ago. It is a favourite of Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acarya of the Hare Krishna movement.


  • £1.50£14.00

    Krishna Darshan

    High Quality and Natural Incense.


    Incense is used to create an auspicious atmosphere of calmness and serenity.  It enhances meditation, yoga, kirtan and other spiritual practices.


    The burning of natural incense has actually been found to have a range of positive physical and psychological effects. Benefits include naturally purify the air and surfaces in a room, reducing stress and anxiety, sooth your nervous system, stimulating creativity – providing inspiration and motivation, treating insomnia, fighting sadness and depression, help lower blood pressure and balance our mood.


  • £2.50£3.50

    Neem Active Herbal Toothpaste 125g & 200g

    Neem Ayurvedic Toothpaste comes with the powerful astringent and antibacterial properties of Neem. Helps to fight tooth decay, removes dental plaque, tightens gums, making them resistant to inflammation and bleeding.


    Neem extract from the bark of Neem tree, with its components like Azadiractin, Nimbin, Nimbinin and Nimbidin, having proven antibacterial and germicidal properties. Neem Active is 100% Vegetarian

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    Keshar Chandan (Saffron Sandalwood)

    An intoxicating scent blended from saffron and sandalwood. The paste of kesar (saffron) and chandan (sandalwood) create a cooling and earthy fragrance.  Simply Heavenly!  Kesar Chandan incense sticks are very mind and create a holy atmosphere all over the place.

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    Chant and Be Happy

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    And what are the benefits of chanting it?
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