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Spreading Vedic Traditions Through Temples Proven Strategies That Make Them More Effective

After forty years of managing Vedic temples or Mandirs in many different ways, as well as traveling all over India and seeing how others utilize successful plans, Stephen Knapp has put together a book that explains the most important programs that any temple can use for more effectively protecting and perpetuating the Vedic traditions. In a non-sectarian way, he lists and describes how the Dharmic temples of all kinds can increase their congregations as well as engage their members in service to help in maintaining the temples and traditions, and expanding their influence. Some of what is included are:

    * The primary mission of the temple.

    * Services the guests can easily offer in seva to the temple or deity.

    * Giving Vedic culture to the next generation.

    * Temple classes, the Sunday program and children’s schools and youth camps.

    * Vedic temples as centers of sacred knowledge.

    * The power of adult study groups, cultural and outreach programs, and festivals.

    * Utilizing temple restaurants, gift shops, exhibits, and support groups.

    * Ways of reaching more people, both in India and the USA.

    * The need and ways for promotion, and radio, television, and newspapers.

    * An action plan on how to cultivate Vedic culture in America.

    * Attracting and welcoming non-Indians and Western seekers for more support.

    * Starting a spiritual revolution in India and elsewhere.

    * Working with priests, rituals, and teaching the culture and traditions.

    * Unifying and organizing the Vedic community.

        This book is especially good for temple managers and those who work with and support temples. This book covers many more methods that are not merely ideas, but are already being used in practical and successful ways to help preserve, promote and spread what is the last bastion of deep spiritual truth. As more temples are built in Western countries, these strategies will become increasingly important. Using these techniques as the basis of your ideas, your temple cannot help but be successful.

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