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Vastu – The Origin of Feng Shui

Energize Your Home and Office with Nature’s Heavenly Influences. The author Marcus Schmieke is a disciple of Sacinandana Swami. This book is a brilliant presentation.

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Vastu in Sanskrit means ‘Nature and the surrounding environment’. And Vaastu (with a long a) means ‘the art of building one’s living and working spaces in harmony with Nature’. Although the universal influences of Mother Nature are beyond our control, the science of Vastu enables one to attract Nature’s auspicious influences into the home and office and thereby improve many aspects of life such as wealth, health, energy levels, spirituality, prosperity, influence, education, fame, and relationships.

When Nature’s negative influences are allowed to enter our living and working spaces, all of the above mentioned attributes of one’s life become adversely affected. Therefore the art of building or creating auspicious living and working spaces in harmony with Nature is holistic, protective, and life enhancing. The science of Vastu is not a superstitious belief but rather a way of creating harmony in the real world of Nature’s auspicious and inauspicious influences that constantly affect everyone. When Mother Nature turns on Her extreme moods we are powerless and fearful. But when she turns on Her charms, everyone enjoys. On a more subtle level, Nature has the final say in every aspect of our lives.

Success and failure, wealth and poverty, gain and loss, heat and cold, happiness and distress, good and bad luck, fame and infamy, and so on are all proportionately issued to each and every individual by Nature. In short the science of Vastu enables constant harmonization with Nature and balances positive and negative energies to attain peace and harmony in every aspect of one’s life. Try it and see. There is virtually nothing to lose and much to be gained. In this book you’ll discover the ancient secrets of advanced civilizations who constructed buildings that still exist today, magnificent structures that were built entirely in harmony Nature’s multifarious forces. Try applying the great science of Vastu to your office and home – the places where most of us spend nearly all of our lives – and see the difference for yourself.

Schmieke shows, with scientific evidence, how certain serious Vastu defects can cause disease and how you can greatly improve the quality of your living space.

Gadadhara Dasa

Format: Hardbound
Details: Hardbound, 144 pages, 32 colour photos, 5 black & white photos, 26 colour illustrations, 84 black & white illustrations, dust jacket, printed on fine art paper, size 19.4 x 24.2 x 1.5 cm.
Publisher: Goloka Books, UK
Pub. Date: 2001
ISBN: 0-9527-5801-6
Code: VOFS

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