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    A Beginner’s Guide to Krsna Consciousness

    Product Description
    These and many other topics are covered in this small booklet, helping the new devotees to orientate in the new environment. Welcome.
    Why Practice Krsna Consciousness?
    The Basis: Guru, Sadhu & Sastra
    Understanding Krsna Consciousness as it is
    The significance of Srila Prabhupada
    The Guru and Initiation
    The Need for Sadhana
    Kirtan & Japa
    Hearing from Advanced Devotees
    Reading Spiritual Literature
    Association with Devotees
    The Four Regulative Principles
    Setting Up a Temple at home
    Deity Worship: Puja, Arati, Tulasi
    Daily Program
    Songs and Krsna-Prasada
    Food and eating habits
    Preaching, Nagara Sankirtana
    Ekadashi, Caturmasya and Damodara Vrata
    Festivals, Holy Places,
    The Mood and Attitude of a devotee
    Relating with near and dear ones
    Restricting Man-Woman Association
    Words from Srila Prabhupada

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    Brahmacarya in Krishna Consciousness

    A user’s guide to brahmacari life. The first part consists of elaborate discussions and practical guidance regarding many aspects of brahmacarya. The second portion is a compilation of quotations on brahmacarya from Srila Prabhupadaメs books, letters, and recordings. Invaluable not only for brahmacaris, but for all devotees seriously interested in improving their spiritual life.

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    Women Masters or Mothers

    This book presents, in a very systematic and logical way, that how being a God conscious, devoted mother and a chaste housewife is the best thing for women all over the world and how this can restore our broken down society with so many single parent families and can bring back the lost happiness in family life which is pretty the norm nowadays.

    Women, Masters or Mothers? presents traditionalist arguments for the direction of the Krsna consciousness movement, proposing that we should take up Srila Prabhupada’s mandate to establish varnasrama-dharma rather than capitulate to the norms and ideologies of secular culture. Particularly discussed are gender roles, parental responsibilities, feminist follies, and some of Srila Prabhupada’s more controversial teachings, such as those concerning early marriage, divorce and polygamy.

    Included is also an MP3 with 150 lectures , translating into about 144 hours of listening.