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    A Magical Touchstone: Can It Be Yours

    It is said that there is a stone that can turn iron into gold simply by touch. Find out why Sanatana Goswami did not think it was the most valuable thing. Children’s storybook.

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    ABCs for Little Yogis

    Filled with colorful illustrations of key Hindu gods, goddesses, and traditions, ABCs for Little Yogis helps children learn important bhakti yoga wisdom-and their ABCs-in no time. Each card is made of high-quality laminated cardstock making the deck durable enough for children to play with, while the large size and beautiful images allow for vibrant display. Also included is a booklet full of games and exercises that will help you and your children make the most out of these flash cards. Whether the goal is recognizing each letter, memorizing the order of the alphabet, or learning more about bhakti yoga, ABCs for Little Yogis holds the potential for hours of educational fun.

    B is for Balaram

    Krishna’s older brother

    Shining white like the moon

    Rohini is His mother.

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    Agha the Eight-Mile Monster

    Recommended by the National Council of Teachers of English (USA). Based on the Bhavat Purana’s tenth canto. This beautifully illustrated children’s book tells the story of how Krishna defeated the terrible serpent demon. Full colour.


    In this acclaimed retelling of a story from India’s ancient Bhagavata Purana, children emerge victorious over a serpent that haunts the landscape of childhood. When the eight-mile-long Agha monster threatens the pastoral life of young Krishna and his cowherd friends, the youngsters join forces. Not only do they defeat their serpentine foe but, in an act of empowerment and imagination, transform his gargantuan body into a playground. Brilliant colors, Seussian imagery, and lyrical text come together to create a satisfying adventure that nurtures the inner resources needed by young minds to cope with life’s difficult problems. This picture book achieves the rare balance of entertainment coupled with meaning, while rendering accessible a tale from one of the world’s oldest wisdom cultures.


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    The story of Ajamila, who lived a sinful life, but when he was about to leave his body, his chanting of his son’s name Narayana saved him from the Yamdutas, he was given a second chance by the Visnudutas…