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    Bhaktivedanta Manor Cow Protection Project

    Find out more about the Cow Protection Project at Bhaktivedanta Manor


    Commentary and Music:

    • Syamasundara Das
    • Sruti Dharma Das
    • Vaiyasaki Das
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    Darshan Photo Show

    A Photo show from the Darshan Deity book of Radha-Krsna, Gaura-Nitai, Lord Jagannath and others. Plus a 3 min video of the Panca Tattva instalation with background music by Krsna Prema Das

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    Hare Krishna 40 Years in London

    Celebrate with us: ISKCON London 40th Anniversary Troxy Gala Event


    Two Disc Limited Edition


    On Nov 21st 2009 over 1500 guests and 300 volunteers came together at the Troxy Hall to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara and ISKCON London.


    These two DVDs are packed full of inspiration, insight, beautiful singing and dancing from the night.  Also includes MP3s of lectures and stories from the entire week of celebration

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    Panchattattva – Installation of the Deties

    “It is said in Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita that the Panchattava had broke open the store house of love of God and plundered the contents and distributed that love profusely throughout the world without discriminating who was fit or who was unfit to receive it.  During this wonderful festival we all received a small glimpse of that sublime truth” – H.H. Radhanath Swami


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    Pulling Krishna Home

    For devotees who have attended Rathayatras in their own countries for years, Puri Rathayatra seems rather unapproachable a legendary and near mystical event, the grandfather of them all.


    Starting on the peaceful morning of the Rathayatra, it soon throws you right bang into the surreal majesty of it all. The three gigantic colorful carts tower over an ocean of hundreds of thousands of fervent worshippers, and as Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra are carried out, it seems like something completely out of this world. The size and scale of everything—the crowd, the chariots, the Deities—is far beyond anything seen in international Rathayatras, and creates a dizzying experience. Then the camera descends into the throngs, and as people jostle it around and grin at it, it seems like you’re right there in the midst of this impossible scene.


    Vasudeva even managed to get stunning close-ups of the Deities and their chariots. While in Puri, he stayed at the home of Gajendra Mahashaya, a well-known businessman and craftsman who connected him with the Pandas, or priests of Lord Jagannath. Through them, he was allowed on the chariots right next to the Lord, a privilege otherwise denied to westerners during the parade.

    DVD 50mins

    Filmed by Vasudeva Das


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    Sri Radhakunda – The Most Sacred Place on Earth

    Radhakunda is located in northwest part of Vraja (the area near Vrindavana) 100 km south from capitol Delhi. Gaudiya-vaisnavas consider this lake of Srimati Radharani to be the most sacred place on Earth.

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    The Glories of Govardhana Hill

    By visiting and performing the parikrama of Govardhan, one is assured of developing love of Krishna . Every place visited is detailed with wonderful stories. Produced and narrated by Bhakti Caitanya Swami.

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    The Hills of Varsana – The Place of Srimati Radharani

    This DVD takes you on a journey to the temples and places where the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His eternal consort performed Their together 5000 years ago.