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    Sumptuous aura of agarwood very vibrant and rich with a high fruiter note.  The odour of agarwood is complex and pleasing, the incense smoke is also characterized by a sweet-balsamic note and shades of vanilla, musk and amber.


    Agarwood also known as oud, oodh, agar, aloeswood or lign-aloes is a dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees, large evergreens native to southeast Asia.

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    Barsana incense scent includes fragrances of the plants and flowers from the holy dham.


    Barsana Gram also called Vrishabhanupur, is a village 25 miles northwest from Mathura. Barsana is the eternal playground of Shri Vrindavaneshwari, the Supreme Reservoir of Compassion—Shrimati Radharani.


    Barsana is such a beautiful enchanting land that just by seeing and experiencing the divine landscape of Barsana ones heart and mind is naturally transported to the realm of devotion. Just like a lotus flower has a whorl and eight petals similarly Barsana is the whorl of the lotus, the abode of Shrimati Radharani, and around Barsana are the villages of all of Her eight Sakhis

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    One of the oldest aromatics, cedarwood was valued highly in ancient times, and used in all facets of daily life as a cosmetic, hair tonic, incense and perfume. With a rich, woody, slightly masculine scent, the fragrance relaxes and harmonizes, while building inner confidence and self-acceptance. Particularly in times of stress, the scent helps enhance the capacity to give generously to another. Cedarwood is used whenever calm and composure are required. It is said to aid in relieving nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, fighting depression and aggression. It is said to improve blood circulation, arthritis, and enhance concentration.

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    Containing various kinds of fragrances which spread a special flavour that can revitalise the senses.  Prepared using natural raw material such as herbs, aromatic roots, spices, honey and natural oil.  Widely appreciated in the market for their long lasting fragrance.


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    Everest creates a Himalayan mountain fragrance which is sweet, floral and earthy.  Includes powders of spiritual aromatic herbs, tree resin, roots and wild Himalayan mountain flowers and honey.  The major herbs are Gokul (Bedellium), Rhododendron (Lali Gurans) and Jattamasi oils.  These herbs and roots have been used in Ayurvedic medicine and incense preparation for thousands of years

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    Frankincense is very mellow and soothing. Gentle pine permeates earthy citrus undertones to bring the perfect incense for relaxation.  Long used in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer and that the burning of pure frankincense resin activates ion channels in the brain that can help to alleviate anxiety and stress.

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    Golden Champa

    This delicate golden Nag Champa flower possesses a rich, ethereal odour that is much prized by the people of India.


    The tree upon which it grows has glossy green leaves and towers to heights of 100 feet in a pyramid shape. When the tree is in bloom, covered with thousands of golden fragrant blossoms, it is a sight of rare and exquisite beauty. Indians hold the tree in such high esteem that it is often planted near temples and ashrams where its colour, form and fragrance can be enjoyed by people coming into these refined environments.

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    Pleasant daytime rich sweet scent enlivinging and very pleasing extraordinary dark sweet scent from the sacred Bakula Tree’s flowers. Unforgettable and addictive.

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    Keshar Chandan (Saffron Sandalwood)

    An intoxicating scent blended from saffron and sandalwood. The paste of kesar (saffron) and chandan (sandalwood) create a cooling and earthy fragrance.  Simply Heavenly!  Kesar Chandan incense sticks are very mind and create a holy atmosphere all over the place.