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    Devotional Dishes : Recipes for Ekadashi Fasting

    According to Vedic scriptures, Ekadasi is the eleventh lunar day of every fortnight; fasting and praying on this auspicious day are recommended for enhancing one’s spiritual consciousness. All followers of Ekadasi avoid eating any grains and beans on this day, so Ekadasi recipes take this into consideration.

  • £12.00

    The Art of Indian Sweets

    Native to Jaipur, India, Krishna Priya dasi has prepared thousands of sweets for offering to Krishna. Sharing her experience and expertise in this collection of recipes, the author, a gifted and celebrated confectioner, shows us how to make 56 of her favorite traditional Indian sweets. The Art of Indian Sweets includes variations of Laddu, Halva, Sandesh, Jamun, Pera, and more. Her recipes and cooking style are simple and easy to follow. The book also includes short sections on decorating sweets with colorful designs, devotional cooking, and the benefits of vegetarianism.