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    18 Days: Sri Panca Tattva’s Mayapur Lila

    This beautifully presented book covers the 18-day period from the arrival of Sri Panca-tattva in Mayapur, up to Their maha-abhiseka installation ceremony

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    Aisvarya Kadambini – The Monsoon of Lord Krsna’s Opulence

    Aisvarya Kadambini follows the sequence of pastimes described in the Srimad Bhagavatam, it is about the opulent pastimes of King Vrsabhanu, His daughter Radha, and all the cowherd boys and girls of Vraja

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    Bhavishya Purana – Chapters 23-64

    Bhavisya Purana is one of the 18 major Puranas, as stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.7.23-24): The 18 major Puranas are Brahma, Padma, Visnu, Siva, Linga, Garuda, Narada, Bhagavata, Agni, Skanda, Bhavisya…

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    BTG Articles

    By Lokanath Swami

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    Gives you the elaborate pastime of the Dama Bandhana lila of Lord Krishna in Vrindavana. This book also includes some pastimes glorifying the Damodara month or Karttika-vrata as they are described in the Skanda Purana and Hari Bhakti Vilasa of Srila Sanatana Gosvami.

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    Death Divine

    “Death Divine” describes real-life Krsna consciousness in-action at the most crucial time, death, a time when the external sufferings of the body are transcended by an internal joyous celebration…

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    Garga Samhita

    Garga Samhita (“The narrations of Garga”) is a book written by the sage Garga and deals with the life of Krishna…

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    Greetings From Vrindavan

    Greetings from Vrndavana is a journal by Dhanurdhara Swami with his notes about Vrindavana in three sections… Maharaja’s main focus is in describing the joy and splendor of the devotional path.

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    Harivamsa Purana Volume 1

    Harivamsa Purana and Mahabharata are complementary to each other.
    Harivamsa especially describes the pastimes of the Supreme Lord that took place after the battle at Kuruksetra, including His pastimes of disappearance…