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    Chant and Be Happy

    Just what is the Hare Krsna mantra, the Great Chant for Deliverance?
    And what are the benefits of chanting it?
    This book answers those questions and many more…

  • £5.70

    Gayatri Mahima Madhuri

    What is the special power within the secret mantras given by the guru? Gayatri Mahima Madhuri teaches how to realize the full potential of seven mantras, sacred to all Vaisnavas, by teaching the prper meter, understanding and contemplation necessary for mantra siddhi—perfection in mantra chanting. An in depth word by word analysis and the author’s thirty-five year experience combine to reveal how to unleash the full power, majesty and sublime sweetness of India’s most ancient mantras. Read these revelations, meditate and realize the world beyond the cover when you chant the Brahma Gayatri, Guru-mantra, Guru Gayatri, Gaura-mantra, Gaura Gayatri, Gopal Mantra and Kama Gayatri.

  • £3.00

    Pada Sevanam

    Meditation on the lotus feet and hands of Their Lordship – featuring descriptions of the markings on Their footsoles and handpalms. The treasures of the devotees.

    Compiled by Isvara Dasa, assisted by Raktak dasa. Illustrated guide to the foot and hand markings of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, Caitanya Mahaprahu, Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Advaita Acarya. Based on Sri Rupa Cintamani and Ananda Candrika of Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, Govida Lilamrita of Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Goswami and from Skanda Purana.

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    Sonic Spirituality

    This work represents over 30 years of research and spiritual practice. In this small volume, Vaisnava scholar Steven Rosen shares his learning and insights, focusing on sacred chant (kirtan) and the Maha-Mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. The mysteries of this mantra, its beauty and profoundity, are elucidated in simple language, making accessible an otherwise confidential and esoteric subject.

  • £8.00

    Sri Namamrta (The Nectar of the Holy Name)

    Compilation of Srila Prabhupada speaking about the nectar of chanting Hare Krishna. By studying Srila Prabhupada’s instructions on this most important of subjects, we will become fully convinced of the central importance of offense less chanting of the Holy name of Krishna in our endeavor for spiritual advancement.

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    The Beggar Vol 01: Meditations and Prayers on the Supreme Lord

    …These deeply penetrating reflections in the form of a personal dialogue with the Lord remind the reader of the necessity to dedicate time to spiritual growth…