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  • £3.00

    A Handbook of Vaisnava Songs and Practises

    The small booklet contains our main Vaisnava songtexts of 25 songs performed during the daily sadhana of morning program, evening program, prasadam times, etc.
    This includes not only the Roman transliteration of Sanskrit/Bengali verses and the English translation, but it includes also the word for word translation from Sanskrit to English.

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    A Shower of Divine Compassion

    The Collected Poems of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
    “A Shower of Divine Compassion” features eight poems written between 1930 and 1965.

  • £22.00


    A Treatise on Sanskrit Poetics Including Rupa Gosvami’s Citra-Kavitvani.

  • £4.50

    Practical Mrdanga Lessons

    Playing mrdanga is a very important skill in the Hare Krishna Movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, which has spread to all corners of the world. Traditionally, the training of a really expert mrdanga player under the direction of a master player would take several years, with a minimum of one hour of practice every day. The training would ideally start from an early age. This is still going on, especially in India. May devotees throughout the world however, do not have the opportunity, time or inclination to learn in this way, but they still want to learn to play mrdanga with reasonable competency, in a methodical, clear and enlivening way. Thus this course i for them. This is a revised edition.

  • £3.00

    Prayers to Lord Nrsimhadeva

    A beautifully poetic and a profoundly philosophical illumination on the exquisite lotus hands, lotus flower, conch, club, disc, sword and shield of the most merciful and powerful form of Lord Nrsimhadeva residing in Sri Dham Mayapur, India.

  • £2.25

    Prema Stuti: Hymns of Love

    This is a collection of devotional prayers spoken by pure devotees of the Lord in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Every other page has an illustration of the prayer and devotee being described.

  • £4.00

    Purusa Sukta

    The Most Ancient Vedic Hymn with the Commentary of Saunaka