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    Bhagavat Tatparya: The Purport of Srimad Bhagavatam

    Contains thirty-two excerpts from lectures on Srimad-Bhagavatam given by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. These explanations of Srimad-Bhagavatam were published in his weekly Gaudiya magazine…

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    Brain Gain: The Wisdom of Celibacy & Chastity

    This book certifies that celibacy and chastity are favorable for the brain and nervous system. A collection of documentation of views by scientists and celibate persons…

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    One wing of Krishna Fest, under the direction of Danavir Goswami, concentrated on developing semi-professional theater and kirtana band performances for college and high school audiences. The first play is a theater expansion of the songs “Change of Heart” by Mangalananda Das in two acts (17 scenes). The second play is a forty five minute performance about an introduction to Krishna-consciousness in five scenes.

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    Crimes Against India And The Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Tradition 1000 Years of Attacks Against Hinduism And What to do About it

    This is an extremely revealing and important book for protecting, preserving, and promoting the profound and ancient Vedic tradition of India. This book helps remember what the world is forgetting about the terrible things done to India and its people by its invaders.

    India is a most resilient country, and is presently becoming a great economic power in the world. It also has one of the oldest and dynamic cultures the world has ever known, but few people seem to understand the many trials and difficulties that the country has faced, or the present problems India is still forced to deal with in preserving the culture of the majority Hindus who live in the country. This is described in the real history of the country, which a decreasing number of people seem to recall.

    Therefore, this book is to honor the efforts that have been shown by those in the past who fought and worked to protect India and its culture, and to help preserve India as the homeland of a living and dynamic Vedic tradition of Sanatana-dharma (the eternal path of duty, wisdom, and spiritual development).

    There are also many people who do not know of the many angles and ways in which this profound heritage is being attacked and threatened today, and what we can do about it. There is much to do to protect this culture, and until we are aware of how it has been assaulted in the past, and how it is threatened in the present, we will not have the motivation to take a stand and defend it for its future.



    Therefore, we should carefully understand:

    • How there is presently a war against Hinduism and its yoga culture.
    • The weaknesses of India that allowed invaders to conquer her.
    • Lessons from India’s real history that should not be forgotten.
    • The atrocities committed by the Muslim invaders, and how they tried to destroy Vedic culture and its many temples, and slaughtered thousands of Indian Hindus.
    • How the British viciously exploited India and its people for its resources.
    • How the cruelest of all Christian Inquisitions in Goa tortured and killed thousands of Hindus.
    • Action plans for preserving and strengthening Vedic India today.
    • How all Hindus and concerned people must stand up and be strong for protecting the universal spiritual traditions of Vedic culture.


    In the darkest of eras that this world has seen and will see in the future, the Vedic tradition, the culture of yoga, will remain India’s gift to the people who inhabit this planet. It is this spiritual culture of Sanatana-dharma that remains the spiritual guide of humanity. This is the reason why India is here, and for the contribution that she makes, and the reason why we must work to protect it.

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    These ten esoteric essential truths contain the whole range of Vedic knowledge. Here is the blueprint of Bhaktivinoda’s teachings.

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    Defending Vedic Dharma Tackling the Issues to Make a Difference

    The Vedic culture and its philosophy is one of the most deeply spiritual and all encompassing traditions in the world, and has been a major contributor to philosophical thought and the development of civilization. It does not take that long to understand, but it can take some serious consideration. Until then, there can be some aspects of it that are misunderstood or misinterpreted.

            Therefore, this book takes some of the issues of the day and describes what they are and the remedies for dealing with them in order to make a difference in how we participate in Vedic culture, how we can make it more effective in our lives, and how it can be perceived in a more positive way. All of this makes a difference in the objectives of preserving, protecting, promoting, and perpetuating the Vedic spiritual path.

            So this book shows some of the many uplifting and insightful qualities we can find in the Vedic tradition, of which everyone should be aware and can appreciate.

            Some of the stronger and important issues discussed within include:

            Why it is important to use the proper vocabulary to express Vedic concepts.

            Why all religions really are not the same, though many Hindus and gurus like to think they are. Time to wake up to reality.

            The power of a united Vedic community, and how it could rapidly change things if Hindus actually became more united and worked together.

            The importance of becoming a Dharmic leader and to do your part, and the danger of Hindu teachers who really do not lead in a way they should.

            The long-term but realistic cure for the corruption in India.

            The importance of Vedic temples as centers of sacred knowledge, and why temples should be open to everyone.

            How and why the Vedic texts say that the knowledge within them must be shared with everyone.

            The real purpose of the natural Vedic way of social arrangement, but why the present caste system in India should be changed or thrown out completely.

            An eight point action plan for how Hindus in America can best use the freedoms they have, which often exceed the decreasing freedoms in India, to cultivate their tradition to its fullest extent while they have the means to do so.

            The clarity with which these and other issues are addressed make this an important book for consideration.

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    Divine Nature

    What are the root causes of the environmental crisis? What can we do about them?”Does a highly spiritual tradition like Krishna consciousness concern itself with concrete problems of this world?

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    Endless Love

    How I was Saved from Being Saved, Spiritual Strategies for the Age of Kali, and other essays. Reprint with new cover.

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    Gita Bhusana – Commentary Of Bhagavad Gita By Baladeva Vidyabhus

    In Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana’s commentary, we will find the influence of both Ramanujacarya in particular verses and Madhvacarya in the general philosophy. English translation by Bhanu Swami.