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  • £10.00

    Mother Ganga

    All Regions, PAL format, Colour, 55 minutes


    “Mother Ganga” is a stunningly beautiful documentary about India’s greatest river, the holy Ganges.


    Join a spiritual journey that begins at Ganga Sagar on the Bay of Bengal where Mother Ganga enters the sea, and ends 1600 miles later at Gomukh, high in the Himalayan Mountains, where she appears. Along the way, you’ll visit holy places like Mayapur where Lord Caitanya appeared, and Bodhgaya, Lord Buddha’s place of enlightenment. Witness the beautiful Ganga puja, worship performed to her golden waters at Benares, and witness the world’s largest fair, the Kumbha Mela at Prayag. Be amazed by the austerities of mystic yogis in Rishikesh and finally ascend the towering peaks of the mighty Himalayas to discover Ganga’s mysterious source.


    State of the art special effects enhance the images to artistically reveal the enchantment of Mother Ganga.  Hear timeless narratives from the vedas describing the Ganga’s spiritual origin and the superhuman pastimes of India’s saints, demigods and heroes.


    A river inseparably bound to India’s culture and religion, a river worshipped by billion people as a mother who sustains life and who cleanses sins


    Dive deeply; allow your heart to be carried away by the waters of “MOTHER GANGA”

  • £10.00

    Nandagrama – The Capitol of Nanda Maharaja

    Produced by Bhakti Caitanya Swami


    A documentary of the area of Nandagrama – the capitol of Nanda Maharaja.


    The DVD is divided into the four geographical sections: the northern, eastern, southern and western sides. Each section is portrayed in a short slide-and-movie compilation from Bhakti Caitanya Swamis tours with his digital camera. Accompanied by beautiful music, bhajans and kirtans, Maharajas knowledgable commentary makes this presentation a spiritual journey of its own.


    Visited and portrayed places: The temple of Krishna and Balarama, Pavana Sarovara, Muti Kunda, Gendoka, Kokilavana, Yavat (the place of Jatila, Kutila and Abhimanyu), Ter Kadamba, Asesavana, Lalita Kunda, Road to Mathura, Uddhava Kyari, Paurnamasis Cave and Kunda, Domanavana, Sanketa, Nanda Baitak, Nanda Maharajas Nrsimha temple, Yasoda kunda and Hau Bilau, Panihari Kunda, Rithora (the birthplace of Candravali), Carana Pahari, Badhoka (the western goshalla of Nanda Maharaja), Meharana (the birthplace of mother Yashoda), and Vrinda Kunda.

  • £10.00

    No Suffering on Safari – The Bangladesh Experience

    A devotional presentation of India’s spiritual culture in a documentary series discovering Bangaldesh’s Vaisnava holy places and people


    Film by Vasudeva das, author of Timeless Village of the Himalayas, Hollywood Award-Winner

  • £10.00

    Rasa Yatra

    A pilgrimage into the heart of India


    RASA YATRA evokes the beauty of pilgrimage and explores the essence of devotion in Hindu culture through non-linear narrative. Rasa is Sanskrit for “juice” or “taste”. Yatra means “journey”, suggesting a joyful inner expedition, beyond the confines of routine and conceptual conventions. Photographed over a period of four years, RASA YATRA takes the audience on a meditative journey from the majestic Himalayan mountains into Vrindavana, the spiritual heart of India. For the receptive viewer, RASA YATRA becomes a pilgrimage rather than a mere depiction of one.

  • £25.00

    Vraja Mandala Parikrama (4 DVD Set)

    Produced Bhakti Caitanya Swami

    More than 500 years ago Lord Caitanya performed Vraja Mandala parikrama, visiting the 12 main forests of Vrindavana, and many of the pastime places there. Today ISKCON devotees, under the leadership of Lokanatha Swami, follow exactly the same route to visit these places.


    DVD1: Part One: The Southern Side

    Introduction by Lokanatha Swami; Introduction by Bhakti Caitanya Swami;

    Day 1: Vrindavan Town Parikrama; Parikrama Meeting;

    Day 2: Yajna Patni Sthana; Akrura Ghat; Entering Mathura;

    Day 3: Leaving Mathura; Madhuvana;

    Day 4: Talavana; Kumudavana; Santanu Kunda;

    Day 5: Khecari & Putana Kunda; Bahulavana – Lokanatha Swami speaks; Radhakunda;

    Day 6: Radhakunda Parikrama

    Day 7: Govardhana Parikrama; Harideva temple, Manasi Ganga; Anniyor; Govinda Kunda; Puncari; Kadambavana; Uddhava Kunda; Appearance Day of Radha Kunda – Bahulastami Night;


    DVD2: Part Two: The Western Side

    Day 8: Kusum Sarovara; Cakalesvara Siva; Ganthuli Grama; (village of) Deeg;

    Day 9: The Road to Badrinatha; Badrinatha;

    Day 10: The Glories of Badrinatha; Badrinatha Parikrama; the Story of Badrinatha; Tapasya Kunda;

    Day 11: Pasopa & temple of Radha Madhava; Kedaranatha; the Glories of Lord Siva; Village Program;

    Day 12: Carana Pahan; Gaya Kunda; Vimala Kunda;

    Day 13: Inner Kamyavan; Govindaji temple; Chaurasi Kambha; Madan Mohan temple; Radha Gopinatha temple; Yamaraja (Dharmaraja) temple; Kamesvara Siva temple; Setubanda;

    Day 14: Prabhodananda Saraswati; Pichel Pihari Sila; Vyomasuras Cave; Bhojana Sthali;


    DVD3: Part Three: The Northern Side

    Day 15: Kamyavan; Kadamba Khandi; Citra Vicitra Sila; Unchagama;

    Day 16: Govardhana Puja; Food for Life; Cultural Program;

    Day 17: Varsana Parikrama; Sankari Kor; Krishna Kunda; Dana Char; Jaipur temple; Sriji Temple; Initiation by Lokanatha Swami;

    Day 18: Pili Pokhara; Yellow Kunda; Prema Sarovara; Sanketa; Nandagrama Temple; Pavana Sarovara; Vrinda Kunda;

    Day 19: Asesavana; Ter Kadamba; Yavat; Koki Lavana;

    Day 20: Khadirvana; Prabhupada Festival; Deity Darshan at Krishna Balarama Mandira;

    Day 21: Bathain; Carana Pahan; Sheshashayi;

    Day 22: Paigaon;

    Day 23: Rama Ghat; Biharvana; Akshaya Vat; Tapavan; Chirghat;


    DVD4: Part Four: The Eastern Side

    Day 24: Nandaghat; Crossing the Yamuna; Bhadravana – Krishna killed Vatsasura; Bhandiravana forest;

    Day 25: Baelvana; Mana Sarovara;

    Day 26: Lohavana; Bandi Anandi; Dauji – temple of Lord Balarama;

    Day 27: Lokanatha Swami Kirtan; Cintaharan;

    Day 28: Brahmanda Ghat;

    Day 29: Damodara Lila; Gokula; Raman Reti; Raval – birthplace of Radhadrani;

    Day 30: Visrama ghat; Return to Vrindavana;


    Concluding Words by: Radha Raman Swami; Bhadra Prabhu; Lokanatha Swami; Credits.