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  • £1.75


    A concise pocket book that gives scientific understanding of life and death. It also explains an easy and effective way to end all suffering and attain eternal happy life. Read and empower yourself to control your present and determine your future.

  • £1.75

    How to Harness Mind Power

    What is the mind? How does it operate? Can I use it to my advantage to do positive things in life? Find out in the Art of Mind Control.

  • £1.75

    Practical Tips to Mind Control

    What should you do when the whole world appears to have come to an end – everyone appears an enemy, providence appears cruel, future appears bleak and life appears not worth living? Open the doors to a new life full of joy by applying the Practical Tips to Mind Control.

  • £1.75


    Stress is neither a germ nor a bacteria to be treated by antibiotics. It is your outlook to life, a problem of the mind that needs a holistic solution at the level of body, mind, intellect and soul. Read this book for practical tips to tackle the stress problem.