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  • £4.00

    Man and Nature – Science and Vedanta

    ·  The mathematization of nature: how did it happen?
    ·  The unlimited mysteries of nature: still much more to be discovered.
    ·  What is man’s relation to nature?
    ·  Scientific conceptions over the decades: foundations are shaken.
    ·  The limitations of present day science is often acknowledged among scientists. This intellectual challenge can be a formidable eye-opener for the next generations of researchers: new tracks!
    ·  Many elements of nature were forgotten over the centuries and never included in the equations. Time is ripe for clever scientists to uncover them and bring a new dimension in the study of nature!
    ·  Preserving the environment: a common responsibility for all, and another good reason for scientists and spiritualists to join hands.
    ·  If you understand the problem, it is likely you will be able to fix it.

  • £4.00

    Mysticism – Science and Vedanta

    What is Mysticism?

    1) Mysticism in science

    The mysterious quantum world
    Imaginary numbers
    Mystery behind physical constants
    Mystery in biological systems
    Mystery of time
    Mystery behind scientific discoveries

    2) Mysticism in religion

    Divine spark
    Spiritual senses of the soul
    The guide of the mystic
    Unusual feelings
    The stages of a mystic

    Darwinism and its limitations

    Mysticism: a meeting point of East-West dialogue

    Spiriton – particle of life beyond genetic code

  • £4.00

    Vedanta Embrology

    Some of the topics covered:

    • Is the embryo conscious?
    • At what stage can an embryo be considered a human being?
    • What are the various stages of the embryo’s development, from conception to birth, according to Vedantic texts as well as modern embryology?
    • When is the fetus able to use his various sensory capabilities, especially hearing?
    • How to facilitate the best mental and physical health of the baby in the womb?
    • What does science teach about sperm cells (spermatozoa)?
    • What is the fundamental property of life?
    • The amazing mystery of the soul and of life.
  • £4.00

    Vedanta and the Science of Aging

    Theories and attempts for solutions – An overview: Dying, Gerontology and Geriatrics, Theories of Aging
    · The chemical conception of life
    · Vedantic perspectives on life
    · Vedantic applications – The integrated spiritual approach: Spirituality, healthcare and ayurveda in India, Spirituality and healthcare in the West, End of life care, Dying.
    – Can we reverse the aging process? Yes! Three types of approaches. Read and experiment!
    – Astonishing correlations between Ayurveda and Genomics.
    – The life particle: What are its five fundamental qualities? What is it made of? How to study it?
    – The physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the aged.
    – What is death?
    – How to help heal, comfort and solace the dying?
    – How to live through the stages of old age and death with optimism?
    – What is the most important duty of a person who is about to die? How to prepare for that?