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    Advancements of Ancient India’s Vedic Culture The Planet’s Earliest Civilization and How it Influenced the World

    This book shows how the planet’s earliest civilization lead the world in both material and spiritual progress. From the Vedic culture of ancient India thousands of years ago, we find such things as the origins of mathematics, especially algebra and geometry, as well as early astronomy and planetary observations, many instances of which can be read in the historical Vedic texts. Medicine in Ayurveda was the first to prescribe herbs for the remedy of disease, surgical instruments for operations, and more.

            Other developments that were far superior and ahead of the rest of the world included:

    *  Writing and language, especially the development of sophisticated Sanskrit;

    *  Metallurgy and making the best known steel at the time;

    *  Ship building and global maritime trade;

    *  Textiles and the dying of fabric for which India was known all over the world;

    *  Agricultural and botanical achievements;

    *  Precise Vedic arts in painting, dance and music;

    *  The educational systems and the most famous of the early universities, like Nalanda and Takshashila;

    *  The source of individual freedom and fair government, and the character and actions of rulers;

    *  Military and the earliest of martial arts;

    *  Along with some of the most intricate, deep and profound of all philosophies and spiritual paths, which became the basis of many religions that followed later around the world.

    *  Plus, the Aryan Invasion Theory, putting the final nail in the coffin of the idea that the Vedic Aryans came from outside India, only to write the Vedic literature once they arrived, and to realize by proper evidence that the Vedic Aryans were and had always been the indigenous people of ancient India, Bharatvarsha.

            These and more are the developments that came from India, much of which has been forgotten, but should again be recognized as the heritage of the ancient Indian Vedic tradition that continues to inspire humanity.


            This book is especially good for the Indian youth who may be forgetting or never knew of all the advanced developments that came out of the ancient Vedic culture of India, which is why they should be proud of their heritage. In fact, every person of Indian descent, and anyone interested in the Vedic tradition, should understand this information to see the numerous contributions and origins of many of the sciences that we take for granted today. This book is also especially meant for those who lecture at colleges or universities but need the information for a more cultural presentation rather than spiritual, but which can still show the advanced nature of Vedic culture in so many aspects of life.

            This book has loads of references and quotes to verify the information within. It also has 23 black & white photos to give a some illustrations to some of the topics.

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    Avatars, Gods and Goddesses of Vedic Culture Understanding the Characteristics, Powers and Positions of the Hindu Divinities

    Understanding the assorted Divinities or gods and goddesses of the Vedic or Hindu pantheon is not so difficult as some people seem to think when it is presented simply and effectively. And that is what you will find in this book. This will open you to many of the possibilities and potentials of the Vedic tradition, and show how it has been able to cater to and fulfill the spiritual needs and development of so many people since time immemorial. Here you will find there is something for everyone.

            This takes you into the heart of the deep, Vedic spiritual knowledge of how to perceive the Absolute Truth, the Supreme and the various powers and agents of the universal creation. This explains the characteristics and nature of the Vedic Divinities and their purposes, powers, and the ways they influence and affect the natural energies of the universe. It also shows how they can assist us and that blessings from them can help our own spiritual and material development and potentialities, depending on what we need.

            Some of the Vedic Divinities that are explained include Lord Krishna, Vishnu, Their main avatars and expansions, along with Brahma, Shiva, Ganesh, Murugan, Surya, Hanuman, as well as the goddesses of Sri Radha, Durga, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, and others. This also presents explanations of their names, attributes, dress, weapons, instruments, the meaning of the Shiva lingam, and some of the legends and stories that are connected with them. This will certainly give you a new insight into the expansive nature of the Vedic tradition.

    COVER PHOTO: A print of Lord Narayana (Vishnu) and Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Fortune). Lord Vishnu, in His bluish complexion, holds His mace, disc or Sudarshan chakra, a conch shell, and a lotus. Lakshmi holds two lotus flowers and blessings. The Om is in the center. (This print is from the author’s personal collection.)

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    Crimes Against India And The Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Tradition 1000 Years of Attacks Against Hinduism And What to do About it

    This is an extremely revealing and important book for protecting, preserving, and promoting the profound and ancient Vedic tradition of India. This book helps remember what the world is forgetting about the terrible things done to India and its people by its invaders.

    India is a most resilient country, and is presently becoming a great economic power in the world. It also has one of the oldest and dynamic cultures the world has ever known, but few people seem to understand the many trials and difficulties that the country has faced, or the present problems India is still forced to deal with in preserving the culture of the majority Hindus who live in the country. This is described in the real history of the country, which a decreasing number of people seem to recall.

    Therefore, this book is to honor the efforts that have been shown by those in the past who fought and worked to protect India and its culture, and to help preserve India as the homeland of a living and dynamic Vedic tradition of Sanatana-dharma (the eternal path of duty, wisdom, and spiritual development).

    There are also many people who do not know of the many angles and ways in which this profound heritage is being attacked and threatened today, and what we can do about it. There is much to do to protect this culture, and until we are aware of how it has been assaulted in the past, and how it is threatened in the present, we will not have the motivation to take a stand and defend it for its future.



    Therefore, we should carefully understand:

    • How there is presently a war against Hinduism and its yoga culture.
    • The weaknesses of India that allowed invaders to conquer her.
    • Lessons from India’s real history that should not be forgotten.
    • The atrocities committed by the Muslim invaders, and how they tried to destroy Vedic culture and its many temples, and slaughtered thousands of Indian Hindus.
    • How the British viciously exploited India and its people for its resources.
    • How the cruelest of all Christian Inquisitions in Goa tortured and killed thousands of Hindus.
    • Action plans for preserving and strengthening Vedic India today.
    • How all Hindus and concerned people must stand up and be strong for protecting the universal spiritual traditions of Vedic culture.


    In the darkest of eras that this world has seen and will see in the future, the Vedic tradition, the culture of yoga, will remain India’s gift to the people who inhabit this planet. It is this spiritual culture of Sanatana-dharma that remains the spiritual guide of humanity. This is the reason why India is here, and for the contribution that she makes, and the reason why we must work to protect it.

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    Defending Vedic Dharma Tackling the Issues to Make a Difference

    The Vedic culture and its philosophy is one of the most deeply spiritual and all encompassing traditions in the world, and has been a major contributor to philosophical thought and the development of civilization. It does not take that long to understand, but it can take some serious consideration. Until then, there can be some aspects of it that are misunderstood or misinterpreted.

            Therefore, this book takes some of the issues of the day and describes what they are and the remedies for dealing with them in order to make a difference in how we participate in Vedic culture, how we can make it more effective in our lives, and how it can be perceived in a more positive way. All of this makes a difference in the objectives of preserving, protecting, promoting, and perpetuating the Vedic spiritual path.

            So this book shows some of the many uplifting and insightful qualities we can find in the Vedic tradition, of which everyone should be aware and can appreciate.

            Some of the stronger and important issues discussed within include:

            Why it is important to use the proper vocabulary to express Vedic concepts.

            Why all religions really are not the same, though many Hindus and gurus like to think they are. Time to wake up to reality.

            The power of a united Vedic community, and how it could rapidly change things if Hindus actually became more united and worked together.

            The importance of becoming a Dharmic leader and to do your part, and the danger of Hindu teachers who really do not lead in a way they should.

            The long-term but realistic cure for the corruption in India.

            The importance of Vedic temples as centers of sacred knowledge, and why temples should be open to everyone.

            How and why the Vedic texts say that the knowledge within them must be shared with everyone.

            The real purpose of the natural Vedic way of social arrangement, but why the present caste system in India should be changed or thrown out completely.

            An eight point action plan for how Hindus in America can best use the freedoms they have, which often exceed the decreasing freedoms in India, to cultivate their tradition to its fullest extent while they have the means to do so.

            The clarity with which these and other issues are addressed make this an important book for consideration.

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    Destined for Infinity A Spiritual Adventure to Take You into Another Dimension

    This is a highly mystical and spiritual adventure for those who prefer their metaphysical insights, realizations, and learning to come through light reading, stories, and descriptions of experiences. This story relates a man’s quest for Truth and shows his journey from a state of confusion to one of the highest levels of enlightenment and self-empowerment. It is a book that will take you to other worlds and unlimited realms.

     Book Description

        Deep within the mystical and spiritual practices of India are doors that lead to various levels of both higher and lower planes of existence. Few people from the outside are ever able to enter into the depths of these practices to experience such levels of reality.

        This book tells the mystical escapade of a man, Roman West, who entered deep into the secrets of India where few other Westerners have been able to penetrate. In what was originally a simple search to find himself after a series of personal upheavals, he journeys to India and gets involved with a prophecy that becomes his inescapable destiny. While living with a master in the Himalayan foothills and traveling the spiritual path that leads to the Infinite, he witnesses the amazing powers the great sages can achieve. He also undergoes some of the most unusual experiences of his life. Under the guidance of his master, and after contending with his own doubts and the limited perspective he has of himself, he gradually opens to new degrees of understanding and awareness, and acquires the power to develop his own supernatural abilities. He then attains the sacred vision of the enlightened sages and enters the amazing and unfathomable realm of Infinity and the vision of cosmic consciousness. Such a description has been provided in very few other places.

        In the midst of all this, however, his peaceful life in the hills comes to an abrupt end when he is unexpectedly forced to confront the powerful forces of darkness that have been unleashed by an evil Tantric priest who wants to kill both Roman and his master. His only chance to defeat the intense beings of the nether world and to stay alive depends on whatever mystical strength he has been able to develop through the teachings of his master. This brings him to one of the most unexpected battles between ultimate good and evil that he could have ever imagined, and he is right in the middle of it.

        This story includes traditions and legends that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years. All of the philosophy and teachings, rituals, mystic powers, forms of meditation, martial arts, descriptions of the Absolute and future of the world, are authentic and taken from narrations found in many of the sacred books of the East. Some have also been gathered personally by the author during his own experiences in India and collected from various sages themselves. The wisdom, understanding, and insights that are related, along with the story and situations, make this book one that you will want to read again and again. Some readers have even called it their guidebook.

        So sit back, put on some of your favorite background music, and ride along with Roman into the mysterious worlds of the sages and mystics, and into the highest levels of spiritual reality that exist everywhere, but so few can see. This book will transport you deep into a realm that you may never have known existed.

        This book will help prepare you to perceive the multi-dimensional realities that are all around us, outside our sense perception, and will give you many insights into the broad possibilities of our life and purpose in this world, and who we really are.

    To read the first chapter, click here DestinedChapter1 ] .

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    Hindu Gods & Goddesses

    Understanding Vedic Hindu Divinities, understanding the assorted divinities or gods and goddesses of the Vedic or Hindu pantheon is not so difficult when it is presented simply and effectively and that is what you will find in this book. This will open you to many of the possibilities and potentials of the Vedic tradition and show how it has been able to cater and fulfill the spiritual needs and development of so many people since time immemorial. This book explains the nature of the Vedic divinities, their purposes and powers and the ways they influence and affect the natural energies of the universe. It also shows how they can assist us and that blessings from them can help our own spiritual and material development and potentialities, depending on what we need. The divinities include Lord Krishna, Vishnu, their main avatars and expansions, along with Brahma, Shiva, Ganesh, Murugan, Surya, Hanuman, as well as the goddesses including Radha, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi. We find explanations of their names, attributes, dress, weapons, instruments, the meaning of the Shiva lingam and some of the legends and stories connected with them.

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    How the Universe was Created and Our Purpose In It

    his book provides answers and details about how the universe is created that are not available in any other traditions, religions, or areas of science. It also provides insights into the spiritual purpose of this creation and what we are really meant to do here.

       Every culture in the world and most religions have their own description of the creation of the universe, from where we came, and what we should do. Unfortunately, these are often short and generalized versions that lack details. Thus, they are often given the same regard as myths. However, there are descriptions that give more elaborate explanations of how the cosmic creation fully manifested, which are found in the ancient Vedic texts and Puranas of India, some of the oldest spiritual writings on the planet. These descriptions provide details and answers that other versions leave out. Furthermore, these Vedic descriptions often agree, and sometimes disagree, with the modern scientific theories of creation, and offer some factors that science has yet to consider.

        Now, with this book, one of the first to ever elaborate on the Vedic version of the universal creation, we can get a clearer understanding of how this universe appears, what is its real purpose, from where we really came, how we fit into the plan for the universe, and if there is a way out  of here. Some of the topics included are:

            Conditions in the spiritual world before the material manifestation.

            How the Supreme Being exists before and after the material creation.

            The ultimate foundation and cause of the universe is based on compassion of the Supreme.

            How the agitation of the modes of nature cause the appearance of time.

            Detailed descriptions of the dawn of creation and how the material energy developed and caused the formation of the cosmos.

            The Vedic description of the evolutionary development of the various forms of life.

            Manifestation and purpose of the Vedic literature, the blueprints of the cosmos and life within.

            Deep insights into the primal questions of, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where have I come from? What is the purpose of this universe and my life? Why the creation exists?”

            What is the primary source of the material as well as spiritual elements.

            The many incarnations and expansions of the Supreme Being in the material creation.

            How everything is but an expansion of the Absolute, and much more.

        This book will provide some of the most profound insights into these questions and topics. It will also give any theist more information and understanding about how the universe is indeed a creation of God.

        To add some adventure, there is also a special travel section to the holy places of northern India, and to some of the locations that are directly connected to the Indian legends of the universal creation and ancient history. With this tour is included rare descriptions and over 70 photographs of temples, Deities, ancient holy sites, the Himalayas, along with sages and people of the region. 

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    Krishna Deities and Their Miracles How the Images of Lord Krishna Interact with Their Devotees

    This book helps reveal how the Deities of Krishna in the temple are but another channel through which the Divine can be better understood and perceived. In fact, the Deities Themselves can exhibit what some would call miracles in the way They reveal how the Divine accepts the Deity form. These miracles between the Deities of Krishna and His devotees happen in many different ways, and all the time. This is one process through which Krishna, or the Supreme Being, reveals Himself and the reality of His existence. Stories of such miracles or occurrences extend through the ages up to modern times, and all around the world. This book relates an assortment of these events to show how the images in the temples have manifested Their personality and character in various ways in Their pastimes with Their devotees, whether it be for developing their devotion, instructing them, or simply giving them His kindness, mercy or inspiration.

    This book helps show that the Supreme Reality is a person who plays and exhibits His pastimes in any manner He likes. This is also why worship of the Deity in the temple has been and remains a primary means of increasing one’s devotion and connection with the Supreme Being.

    Besides presenting stories of the reciprocation that can exist between Krishna in His Deity form and the ordinary living beings, other topics include:

    The antiquity of devotion to the Deity in the Vedic tradition.

    Historical sites of ancient Deity worship.

    Scriptural instructions and references to Deity veneration.

    The difference between idols and Deities.

    What is darshan and the significance of Deities.

    Why God would even take the initiative to reveal Himself to His devotees and accept the position of being a Deity.

    This book will give deeper insight into the unlimited personality and causeless benevolence of the Supreme, especially to those who become devoted to Him.

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    Lord Krishna and His Essential Teachings If God Were to Tell You the Truth About Life, This is It

    If God were to tell you the truth about life, this is it, or as close to it as you are going to find. Often times we go through life and occasionally find ourselves confused about why are we here, or what we are supposed to do. That is normal when we do not have proper knowledge or guidance. But such insight is available if we know where to look for it.

    Some of the most plentiful, prominent and clearly defined spiritual teachings of all are found in the Vedic tradition, especially those that have been given to us by Lord Sri Krishna Himself. He has provided some of the most elaborate, detailed and direct of all spiritual knowledge that can be acquired by anyone. Therefore, this book uses numerous verses of Lord Krishna’s directions as found in the various Vedic texts, all divided according to topic. So here is the heart or essential spiritual message of what Lord Krishna has given for the benefit of all mankind so we can progress onward and upward from whatever position we may find ourselves in this material world.

    Some of the topics include:

    * Who is Krishna, evidence from the ancient texts

    * The most secret of all knowledge about life

    * The rarity of human birth

    * The real purpose of this creation

    * How to perceive our spiritual identity

    * How to practice mystic yoga

    * Description of the Supersoul

    * The way to meditate

    * How to be a spiritual person in this material world

    * The highest levels of spiritual enlightenment

    * How to follow the process of bhakti or devotional yoga

    * How bhakti frees us from past karma

    * The importance of Bhagavad-gita in this day and age, and much more.

    The instructions of Lord Krishna are like the comforting nectar that can warm the heart and soothe the soul.