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    Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

    Contents: Introduction to Yoga; Asana: Beginners Group — Pawanmuktasana Series; Part 1: Anti-rheumatic Group; Part 2: Digestive/Abdominal Group; Part 3: Shakti Bandha Asanas; Yoga Exercises for the Eyes; Relaxation Asanas; Meditation Asanas; Vajrasana Group of Asanas; Standing Asanas; Surya Namaskara; Chandra Namaskara. Asana: Intermediate Group — Padmasana Group of Asanas; Backward Bending Asanas; Forward Bending Asanas; Spinal Twisting Asanas; Inverted Asanas; Balancing Asanas. Asana: Advanced Group. Pranayama; Bandha; Mudra; Shatkarma; Psychic Physiology of Yoga; Therapeutic Index; Index of Practices.

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    THE secret to health is knowing how to deal with one’s body. These life practices are not mustical or esoteric in nature, rather they deal with down-to-earth habits of daily living which can produce a tremendous improvement in mental and physical health.

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    Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda : The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality

    What is the secret of Soma, the legendary mystic drink of immortality, first lauded by India’s ancient Vedic seers? Is Soma a single plant, type of plants, a way of healing, a special intoxicant, or an inner elixir produced by Yoga and meditation?  Going back to the vision of the Vedic seers, David Frawley reveals the secret of Soma for body, mind and spirit, with its profound implications from diet and herbs to pranayama, mantra and meditation. His new analysis of Soma, reflecting forty years of study of Vedic texts, is practical, comprehensive and deeply insightful – so that you can bring the secret power of Soma into all aspects of your life and consciousness, and for the world as a whole.

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    Spiritual Yoga: The Path to the Highest Pleasure

    If you think that you have to escape to a cave in the Himalayas to find the enlightenment that yoga promises, think again. In Spiritual Yoga, Srila Prabhupada, one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, stretches the meaning of yoga beyond its familiar poses and breathing techniques and teach us how to attain a state of ever-increasing transcendental pleasure through bhakti-yoga(devotion to God) or Krishna consciousness by elaborating on the instructions a divine king named Rsabhadeva imparted to His sons long, long ago in India (taken from Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 5, Chapter 5, Verses 1-14).

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    Yoga and Ayurveda

    Yoga and Ayurveda together form a complete approach for optimal health, vitality and higher awareness. Yoga and Ayurveda reveals to us the secret powers of the body, breath, senses, mind and chakras. More importantly, it unfolds transformational methods to work on them through diet, herbs, asana, pranayama and meditation. This is the first book published in the West on these two extraordinary subjects and their interface. It has the power to change the lives of those who read and apply it.

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    Yoga and Kriya : A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques

    A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya is a structured surreal experience through the boundless realm of yoga.

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    Yoga in Daily Life

    Every person must be self trained in maintaining their body in perfectly sound health, by keeping it physically active, mentally at peace and protected from environmental influences